Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 32

Priya: KYA??? What are doing there?
Ram: ummm woh, Suhagraat ka tyaari
Priya: Ram how disgusting Aap apna suhagraat mananey ke liye hotel mein hain? And you have no shame or hesitation disclosing this to me
Ram: Oye wait Mera suhagraat nahin hain Cmon Priya how can I have my suhagraat without you? I am preparing a room here for Sids suhagraat
Priya: haaww Ram Aap Sid aur Ayesha ka
Ram: PRIYA CHUP!!! Listen to the whole story before you interrupt. (Priya stays mum and listens actively) As you know, after you left I was completely distraught. Every night I would pretend to be drunk and I refused to call Kush my own Ayesha was thrown off track by my unaccepting behaviour it was alarming to her because everyone including her knew that I loved Kush like my own son The day that Sid was released from jail I brought him back into the KM and apologized for allowing you to manipulate me into turning against him.  In front of the entire family I offered Sid the deal of his lifetime. I told him that if he married Ayesha and took responsibility for his son, Kush, than I would sign over my entire property to Kush and make Sid the power of attorney until Kush turned 18. I convincingly conveyed through my shattered behaviour, my complete lack of interest in money and an extreme lack of confidence in my ability to raise Kush. The connotation of my message was, How could I possibly provide a safe and secure childhood for Kush when I could not even protect my own daughter Pihu? As we both know, the only set back in my plan was that the priest said that the best date for marriage was 7 months later. And here we are, seven months later, finally Ayesha and Sids marriage is just two days away. We were all hoping that in these 7 months Ayesha could realize Sids true colour and desert him. But love truly is blind, and Sid made sure that it remained that way. He would only interact with Kush whenever he saw me around and Ayesha did not care less as long as at the end of the day she had money. Unfortunately, she does not realize that Sid will not throw her a single rupee when he becomes the power of attorney. So moving on to plan B. Remember I told you about Chamelli, Sids addiction, the dancer at his favourite club? (She nodded in agreement) Well, Chamelli is going to seduce Sid and try to get him to confess that he is only using Ayesha and when he does than she will record it We will show Ayesha that recording on her wedding day and HOPEFULLY than she realizes that Sid is just using her, causing her to back out Ayesha is the only one who can stop Sid and vice versa Time to beat them at their own game.
Priya: Ram I hope everything goes according to plan and nobody gets hurt in the aftermath of this scheme (Ram nods in approval)
Their discussion about prospective schemes is interrupted by a joyful knock on the door.
Priya (scared) Ram maybe I should go now who could it be?
Ram: (he looks at his watch) No dont go Its time for your surprise.
He covered the webcam with a piece of paper and opened the door. Priya tried aimlessly to hear whom it was at the door but she was greeted only by complete silence.  Finally Ram removed the piece of paper from the webcam and Priya was shocked at the sight. Her eyes filled up unconsciously with tears as she saw the one person that she was yearning to see who was smiling widely at her.
Priya: Pihu Mere baachi
Priyas heart throbbed to hold her baby girl in her arms. She blinked rapidly trying to capture Pihus image in her eyes as much as possible to her hearts content. With tears rolling down her cheeks and onto her laptop she looked up at Ram and mouthed, Thank you. He smiled proudly and tilted his head forward slightly, to show acknowledgement for her appreciation.   Pihu let go of Dhaijaans hand and walked towards her mothers image on the laptop
Pihu: I missed you Mumma (She placed a sloppy kiss on the screen and Priya also did the same) I love you
Priya: (in tears) I love you too my baby Mumma has missed you sooo much (So lost in the moment, Priya moved her hand forward trying to carress Pihus cheeks, but her hands were greeted by the sensation of the cold glass screen.)
Pihu placed both hands on the laptop screen, trying to wipe the tears of Priyas cheeks
Pihu: (says sadly) Mumma please dont cry (Priya wiped her cheeks but her daughters display of concern and affection brought a new set of tears down it) Aj meri birthday hain Mumma, please dont cry on this day. Otherwise I will also start crying, you know I cant see you crying
Priya thought, Bikul apni Papa pe gayi hain she looked up at Ram who already had tears in his eyes. Priya sniffled and wiped her tears, exchanging her sad expression with a happy one
Priya: okay Baba!! See, no more tears Apni Papa se bhi kahiye na
Pihu looked at Ram and pouted, folding her arms across her chest.
Pihu: Aaj meri Birthday hain and everyone is crying
Ram quickly wiped his tears and smiled. Dhaijaan also did the same
Ram: you are right my princess. Today is not the day to cry but it is the day to celebrate I know what will cheer you up (He goes into the kitchen and brings back a Minnie mouse shaped black forest Cake. Pihus face lit up like the candle wedged on top of the cake. He placed the cake in between Pihu and the laptop...) Make a wish my princess.
She made a wish and blew out all of the candles in one go everyone in the room sang Happy Birthday for her. Dhaijaan received a call from Apeksha on her cellphone and excused herself from the mini-party that did not do any justice for the daughter of Ram Kapoor, the multi-billionaire. But like her mom, Pihu enjoyed the simple things in life and it was evident from the smile that never left her face that she was swimming in a sea of happiness that to the world might have seemed like a puddle.
Ram took a piece of cake and fed Pihu twice, once on Priya's behalf.
Ram: Princess Pihu I have something for you...
Pihu: (she gets excited) Saachi!!
Ram: haan of course... But first close your eyes... And no peeking...
Pihu nodded excitedly and closed her eyes; she rested her tiny palms gently on her eyelids. Ram and Priya momentarily adored her innoncent gesture as she eagerly waited for her surprise. He reached behind his back and pulled forward a small box wrapped in red and pink glitter giftwrap. Priya watched as Ram lovingly removed Pihus tiny hands, uncovering her srunched up eyelids...
Pihu: Can i open my eyes now papa?
Ram: Yes my princess...
She opened her eyes slowly and was immediately elated seeing the vibrant giftbox in her Dads hands. Ram grabbed her hand and drew it towards his lips; he gave her palm a soft peck before he placed the giftbox on it.
Ram: This is for you my princess.
Pihu ripped open the box thinking of a million things that could possibly be at the core of it. Finally she pulled out a gold chain with a generously sized pendant attached to it that was fit for a princess. 
Pihu: Papa? This is Durga Ma right!! (She said looking at the 24 Karat diamond studded gold pendant)
Ram (taking the pendent from Pihu he adorned her neck with it, while he responded to her question) Haan Princess, this is a Durga Ma pendent. (He hooked the chain in place and made her sit on his lap facing Priya) You said that you are missing mumma a lot na (Pihu nodded and looked at Priya sadly) Well now, Ma  (he touches the pendant and than touches Pihu's forehead, blessing her) will always be with you and like Mumma (he points to Priya) she will always protect you... I know that all this is hard for you Princess but I promise soon we will all be togethervery soon...
Pihu: (hugged Ram) Thank you Papa!!!
Ram: You're welcome my darling (He winks at Priya, who was teary eyed at the sight. She cursed and thanked her fate at once for blessing her with an understanding husband like Ram but a selfish sister like Ayesha because of whom she is not able to be physically present in this precious moment.)
Pihu: (breaks the hug and looks at Ram confused) Papa? But I miss you a lot too...
Ram: Janta hoon Pihu, which is why I have the perfect solution You see, the Durga Ma pendent is so you dont miss Mumma too much. But I have something for you that will remind you of Papa so you dont feel my absence.  Ek minute (He leaves the room and comes back with something hidden behind his back) Pihu close your eyes once more (She does as he says. He sits next to her and holds a large plush polar bear in front of Pihu) Okay open your eyes now
Pihu: (excitedly grabs the polar bear and squeezes it into a soft, warm embrace) Papa I love it (She hugged Ram) Lekin, what do I call him
Priya: hmmmm good question what about golu bear?
Pihu: Haan Mumma you are so smart Golu Papa (she points to Ram), Golu Pihu (she points to herself) and now Golu bear Perfect
Pihu started playing with her new plush toy, thinking about introducing him to Happy and Tiger once she returned back to the KM. Ram saw Priya watching Pihu longingly; he understood the turmoil of being away from Pihu, that must have been revving up in her heart. To be with them in this moment was a dream of hers that he was not able to fulfill in the present time and therefore he thought that it would be best to keep her happy until he could capture her dream and gift it to her in reality. 
Ram: Priya? (Her focus shifted to him after hearing his voice)
Priya: Jee!
Ram: Smile! Dont worry your polar bear will be by your side very soon
Priya: (she blushed and looked at Pihu to see if she heard anything but Pihu was too busy with her golu bear. Priya replied teasingly) Romantic wala or unromantic?
Ram: (smiling) you can see for yourself
Their gaze locked, expressing a multitude of desires from longing to lust to love all mingled in one stare that was quickly dissolved at the sound of Pihus voice.
Pihu: Papa Mumma (She looked at both of them) Mujhe cake khana hain
Ram: Mujhe bhi Lets eat
Pihu: but Mumma?
Priya:  Pihu, you can eat one piece extra on my behalf (She quickly added) BUT a small piece, okay? (Pihu nodded in agreement with her mothers words)
Priya watched helplessly as Pihu and Ram devoured the cake, piece by piece. They had saved a piece for Dhaijaan to have when she came back but the rest was all for them
Priya: Ram, Pihu dont eat the whole thing your stomach will hurt
Pihu (looked at Ram): Papa Is your tummy hurting?
Ram (looked at Pihu): Nope. Is your tummy hurting princess?
Pihu: No
Ram: Good you know what that means?
Pihu: (confused) No
Ram: It means that we can keep eating
Pihu: yay!!!
Priya: (helpessly) Ram why arent you stopping her, you know this is not good for her health or your health  
Ram: Priya Cmon yaar its her birthday, let her eat
Priya: Okay maanti hoon ki Pihu ka birthday hain. And what about you? Hmmm??? You are eating faster than her Why are you behaving like a child Ram baas kijiye?
Ram gave Priya a baffled look as he stared down at his hands and suit, which was covered in cake. Priya pointed to his cheeks; You missed a spot she said and smiled. Pihu enjoyed the cake and laughed at her dads childish behaviour. Time showed no mercy on Ram, Priya and Pihu as it flew by putting an end to the most special night that they shared after a long time Ram drove Pihu and Dhaijaan to an undisclosed location where three bodyguards awaited their arrival They got into another car and drove off blending into the darkness.  Ram received a text from one of his employees whom he had hired for a special job, Sid has arrived at the hotel.

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