Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 33

Ayesha and Sids wedding will go down in history as a lesson to all those who dare to love The product of love is the forbidden fruit that all to many people carelessly indulge in all to many times. Due to the illusion that there is no immediate overt consequence for the persistent indulgence of this fruit it is rarely conceivable in this selfish world. However, if you stretch a rubber band far enough, it will eventually snap back in your face. Similarily evil has a breaking point, and those who hatch evil plans will reap what they sow. Ayesha stood as a barrier between love for the sake of her own but realization was a hard slap on her face; when she reached her goal what she thought to be gold was nothing more than a deceitful trap. She came to know of Sids affair with Chamelli but instead of making amends with those that she erred; she walked lifelessly on the path of enragement. When Sid confessed his true intentions regarding her on the video that was shown to her, each syllable that he uttered stabbed Ayesha repeatedly in her heart. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Her heart bled uncontrollably and the only coagulation for her grief was Sids death. So she grabbed a knife and charged him, burying it into his chest before anyone had a chance to protest. Her eyes fell upon Kush, the piece of thread that strengthened Sids intent. His demise felt right to Ayesha in that moment, she proceeded towards him but Ram injected himself in front of Kush.
Ram: Ayesha, calm down I understand that Sid has wronged you, but isme Kush ka kya galti hain? Please give me that knife Look Sid needs help (he points to Sid laying on the floor grabbing his chest and moaning in pain) and so do you stop all this so I can help the two of you
Ayesha kept walking forward, getting dangerously close to Ram with a bloody knife in her hand. She took a swing at him as everyone held their breath but before it made impact with his body, Priya intervened gripping Ayeshas hand mid-air. She slapped Ayesha across the face with her free hand.
Priya: have you lost your mind? What the hell are you doing? Ram has supported you all these years and this is how you will re-pay him? By trying to hurt him? 
Ayesha: Di I am sorry But Ram is getting in the way, I have to handle my business and fix my mistake
Priya saw Ayesha eyeing Kush as she spoke. Still holding on to Ayeshas hand she tried to release the knife from her grip.
Priya: Ayesha, give me the knife Dekho you are mad because Sids love wasnt sincere but Ayesha did you ever truly love him.
Ayesha: Off course Di! I loved him so much and did everything for him. It is because of him that I gave birth to Kush, he convinced me that in the long run Kush would serve as a key role in bringing us together. I told him and Mamaji where Apeksha and Rajat were supposed to get married so that they could kidnap Pihu and tear you and Ram apart.
Priya: Ayesha, if you ask me, you never loved anybody Those who truly love never wish to separate other people who also love like them. This is not love it is lust Sid never pretended to love you; he just took advantage of your lust In all this the only person that loved you was Kush He would yearn for his mothers love I saw him yearn so did Ram and everyone else in this family. We all supported him when you dejected him. And you claim that you know about love? Today I am so ashamed of myself I feel like I have failed as a human being. I raised you dammit and this is what you have become, so what does that make me? Where is the Ayesha that I used to know? The one who would bend backwards for her Di, the one who would talk about all her little problems with her Di? When did the same Di become her biggest problem? What did you want Ayesha? Money? Fame? Pyar? Everything was in your hand already Ayesha. You had money and fame from being a model. And pyar was always in front of you in the form of your son, but you were too busy chasing the falsified verson of pyar that was being fed to you Ayesha this is your fault. Please baachi please yeh saab baaandh kijiye and get some help
For a moment, Priya had thought that she had gotten through to Ayesha but the next moment was the biggest and harshest dose of reality for everyone in the room. Ayesha shrugged Priyas grip off of her hand and pulled the knife towards her abdomen. Priya quickly pulled Ayeshas hand back
Ayesha: Di, Leave me I dont want to live anymore Let me die
Priya: no Ayesha this is not how its going to end Please listen to me, let me help you Give life another chance so that atleast you can learn the true meaning of love... Trust me Ayesha, its worth living for
The struggle ensued and Ram sensed some impending danger that was about to unfold around him. Priya was not supposed to be here, this was not the way that they had planned it. She was supposed to have waited for him in Dubai but instead she was here with Rajat and Apeksha. He watched as Priya struggled desperately to grab the knife out of Ayeshas hand but was unable too. Both Priya and Ayesha pulled the knife towards themselves. Sudddenly Ayesha and Priya felt a third person grip the knife pulling it more forcefully than both of them. Ayesha loosened her grip and the knife lodged in Rams abdomen.
Priya: RAM!!!
Kush: PAPA!!
He glanced into Priyas tear-swelled eyes before he fell to the ground. Ayeshas anger subsided leaving her standing stiffly watching her Di and son cry over Ram. Shipra walked over to Ayesha and slapped her sharply snapping her out of her zombie-like state.
Shipra: What have you done? This is entirely my fault; I always supported you through all your stubborn desires. If I had slapped you sooner than aaj tumhare waijai se Priya aur hum sub ko yeh din nahi dekhna paarta Kaash I killed you before you were born. I didnt know it was a cursed day, the day I gave birth to you, the most selfish girl. But still we all loved you so much and you did all this?! (She lifts her hand up to slap her again but Sudhir stops her)
Sudhir: Baas Shipra Now this is not in our hands, Saaza inko milengi aur yeh saaza inkey liye sahi hain Dont get your hands dirty by beating her, she will not understand.
The police and paramedics arrive at the scene. Ayesha is handcuffed and taken to jail while Sid is transported to the hospital with police company.
The entire Kapoor and Sharma family arrived at the hospital while Ram is rushed into the operating room.
Shipra: (strokes Priyas head) Don't worry sweetheart Ram ko kuch nahi honga. (Priya hugs her tightly)
Priya: Maa I cannot live without him
Shipra: Haan beta, and you dont have to live without him. Nothing is going to happen to him
Rajat: APEKSHA!! (Everyone turns to the sound of his voice to see Apeksha lying unconsciously in his arms) APEKSHA What happned DOCTOR, DOCTOR, MY WIFE PLEASE HELP HER SHE IS PREGNANT
In the time that Apeksha and Ram were in the operating room, everyone stood around helplessly holding on to their breath and praying for good news Once you get a taste of the goodlife, you constantly want more. And when you have been living in the shadow of sorrow for as long as Ram and Priya have, you begin to feel like you deserve atleast a ray of happiness. Theres a saying or was it a song? Whatever it was it held true to the current situation. Dene Wala Jab Bhi Deta Deta Chappar Phaad Ke.
Doctor: Ms. Ram Kapoor...
His voice sliced the silence in the hallway outside the operating room.
Priya: Yes I am Ms. Ram Kapoor Is my husband okay?
Doctor: I have some good news. Mr. Kapoor is absolutely fine. (Tears streamed down Priyas cheeks as she kissed her palms together, intertwined her fingers and thanked god wholeheartedly) Baas in a week he will be absolutely fine and he can be discharged.
Priya: Thank you so much doctor
Before the doctor left Rajat asked,
Rajat: My...my wife Apeksha She she is also in there (he pointed to the operating room) Is she okay? And our baby?
Doctor: sorry sir I am not the assigned doctor. (just than the operating room door swung open and another doctor came out. Rajat rushed to him but before he could say anything the doctor asked sternly)
Doctor 2: are you Ms. Apekshas husband?
Rajat: Yes Ddoctor is she okay?
Doctor 2: (suddenly smiled) yes she is fine and one more thing you are the father of beautiful baby boy Congratulations
 Rajat: Thank youThank you soo much Can I see them, please?
Doctor 2: your wife will be shifted from the operating room soon than you can see her we have to do some additional tests for the baby because he is premature But there is nothing drastic to worry about
A week enveloped in joy dragged by slowly but no one was complaining. Pihu and Dhaijaan returned to Mumbai now that Sid and Ayesha were out of the picture. Mamaji was always too spineless to act out a conspiracy on his own. Ram, Apeksha and Raj, the new baby boy, were fit and fine Krishna insisted that her son-in-law, daughter and grandson stayed with them in the KM. Rajat was delighted by the idea as he was also craving the love of his mother-in-law and deep down inside Apeksha was also feeling her absence. He decided to shift to Mumbai but until than he would stay in the KM with his family. Throughout his stay in the hospital and from the time that they returned home Ram had noticed that Priya was slightly irritated with him. He unsuccessfully yet adamantly tried to recall an incident in which he was involved that might have pissed her off. From the way that she had served him food that night, to the way that she avoided eye contact there was something distant about her behaviour and it was making him anxious. He excused himself from the dinner table and went to the terrace to receive a call from one of his business delegates. By the time that he had finished, he noticed that everyone had gone to sleep. A bit rejected, he went into the kids rooms to see that they had been put nicely to bed. Cautiously he walked into his room, locking the doors behind him. No one needed to see him being bullied by his sherni wife, he thought. She was in her nightgown and angrily arranging the linens on the bed getting ready to sleep. He stood behind her, twirling his thumbs nervously, looking at the ground and waiting for her to turn around. Unaware that he was standing behind her, she turned around hastily bumping into him and losing her balance. He held her up, gripping her bent elbows and gazing lovingly into her eyes.
Priya: (annoyingly) Oh so youre back. I have set the bed take your medicine and go to sleep.
Ram: (still holding on to her bent elbows) I am not sleepy
Priya: (she yanked back her elbows from his grip and began fluffing his pillow. He stared longingly as she lectured him) Of course Why would you listen to your wife? In fact I think I am the stupid one to waste my time telling you to do this and that. Kya karu I just like bossing you around, its not like anything that I am saying is good for you (She turned around to see him still standing there) Theek hain if you want to stand here all night, than thats up to you but I am going to tidy my clothes and go to sleep (she walked past him but something he uttered made her stop and turn to look at him)
Ram: I am sorry Priya
Priya: Kya? (she folded her arms across her chest) what are you sorry for?
Ram: (thinking: oh shit Now what do I say? I only wanted to say sorry and finish this fight. Vikram said that that always works, but now Priya is asking me what I did wrong? he scratched his temple, alerting Priya indirectly that he was just saying sorry to change her mood) ummm For everything I mean I have done a lot of things wrong and you are always right. And in fact I dont what know what I would do without you (Enthusiastically) If it werent for you than I would just make so many mistakes and no one would guide me. But you always do and you also forgive me so please (he went close to her and pleads like a little kid) iss baar bhi mujhe maaf kardo na.
Priya: (analyzes him from top to bottom) I knew it (she shook her head in disappointment) So you have no idea what you did wrong right?
Ram: (blurts out) Haan! Exactly (she gives him a shocked expression and turns to walk away) No, No, No I mean I do (He grabs her hand and turns her around) Cmon Priya tell me darling why are you so mad?
Priya: (begins her lecture) you know what your problem is Ram? You always try to be the great Ram Kapoor and if I say anything to object your reckless antics than I become the bad one. What was the need for you to intervene between Ayesha and I? hmmm? And now you are hurt. Mujhe laag jaata toh koi baat nahi but if anything happened to you than? (she grabbed his collar) Dammit Ram we all need youdo you understand?
He wrapped his hand around her hand on his collar
Ram: I know everyone needs me, but I need you and there would be no reason for living if I didnt have you. So darling I did this for myself, I am very selfish
Her hands escaped from his grip as she took a small step back.
Priya: Dont try to get all soft with me Ram I am still very angry And what was that you did at the dinner table? Your work is more important to you than your health? What was the need to answer that phone call and woh bhi itna dheer tak? (he stares at her lovingly, a smile dresses his lips) Why are you smiling? I am standing here telling you something important and you are smiling
Ram: sorry But your bindhi its not centered. (she notices him analyzing her forehead)
She stopped talking and tried to feel for her bindhi. Her fingers came in contact with her bare skin, making her realize the obvious that went over her head.
Priya: Ram I dont have a bindhi
Ram: Haan but you have to admit that if you did than it wouldnt be centered. (he stepped forward, cuping her face in between his palms) you see a bindi goes here  (he gave her a kiss centered in between her eyebrows) but you always place it here (he kisses in between her eyebrows again favouring one side more than the other)
Priya (pulls away and begins to walk towards the wardrobe) Ram Yeh saab nahi chalega I am very angry and here you are turning this serious conversation into a joke I am going to tidy my clothes and than
Ram: (interrupting her to address an overwhelming surge of pain in his head) Oww Priya Oww my head AAhhh (he slumps down on the bed bending forward and squeezing his head in between his palms)

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