Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 34 (FINALE)

Priya (pulls away and begins to walk towards the wardrobe) Ram Yeh saab nahi chalega I am very angry and here you are turning this serious conversation into a joke I am going to tidy my clothes and than
Ram: (interrupting her to address an overwhelming surge of pain in his head) Oww Priya Oww my head AAhhh (he slumps down on the bed bending forward and squeezing his head in between his palms)
The grief in his voice was like a bullet shot up into the air singalling the beginning of a race between her heart and her feet, leaping desperately to be near him. But before she could reach him, her incomplete steps caused her feet to get trapped under the carpet. She lost her balance, and like a car with no brakes she flew towards Ram uncontrollably. He acted like a speed breaker, catching her as she plummeted towards him, easing her into his arms and falling back onto the bed with her on top of him.  She sqeezed her eyes shut and gripped his kurtha tightly as her mind wandered on an uncertain path immediately conceiving the unthinkable. Ram felt her body tremble against his as he turned her around slowly placing her on the bed and getting on top of her
Ram: (trapping Priya on the bed in between his arms) Priya (she opened her eyes) its okay darling. You are okay, mein apko kuch nahi honai dunga But you are so clumsly yaar Be careful, I am not always going to be here to catch you and in that circumstance you can seriously get hurt.
Priya: (she opened her eyes slowly, staring deep into his mischievous chocolate brown eyes) Ram your head was hurting and I was just trying to (he placed his finger on her lips muting her instantly)
Ram: (He leans forward and kisses her cheek) can I tell you a secret? (he bends close to her ear and places a soft kiss on her earlobe before he whispers) Mujhe kuch nahin hua I just wanted you to come close to me. When you show concern for me, mujhe bahut acche lagte hain.
He places another kiss on her cheek with his eyes closed in ecstacy but the feeling of warm, salty liquid against his lips yanked him out of his fantasy
Ram: (still on top of her) Priya, whats wrong? Why are you crying? (With all the gears grinding in his mind to contemplate an explanation for her sorrow, it finally struck him. He got up off of her quickly and said apologetically) I am sorry was I hurting you?
She remained quiet as she got up off the bed, wiped her tears and began to walk away. Ram quickly grabbed her hands and pulled her harshly towards him...
Ram: (thoroughly frustrated) yeh kya hain Priya... why are you crying? (He held her shoulders firmly and shook her as he demanded) Answer me dammit...
She shrugged his grip off her shoulders and shouted... her tone amplified the perfect blend of desperation and anger.
Priya: Why did you say that your head was hurting?
Ram: Arey Priya i was just joking...
Priya: Joke??? Sorry but I didnt find it very funny at all... Do you have any idea how scared i got?? (She grabbed his collar and shook him as she spoke between frustrated sobs) Do you have any idea?? Do you??? No you don't! (She pushed him one last time as she angrily released his collar) Afterall why would you? You cant even begin to phantom the breadth of my love for you Ram... I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU RAM!
Ram grabbed Priya's shoulder and pulled her in too his embrace.  He hugged her with all his passion and might refusing to ever let go. Sometimes, silence is the best remedy for anger. And its a well-known fact that actions speak louder than words. He wished to convey his love and pour all his passion in this embrace She squirmed in his grip, demanding to be released but her demands were met with his adamant hold...Albeit unintentionally he was the reason for her pain. But what she failed to understand was that her love overpowered her anger and in all of her actions thats all he was able to see. But, putting himself in her shoes, he understood the angry front that she was displaying... He felt her squirm in his embrace trying desperately to push herself away from him.
Priya: Ram leave me... (His chest bathed in her tears as she cried hopelessly against it)
Ram: I love you Priya...
Priya: leave me Ram...
Ram: Never! I will never leave you...
Priya: I hate you Ram; you always do this. (She hit her fist lightly against his chest)
Ram: I know how much you hate me
He loosened his grip and examined her face. Tucking a strand of hair that was plastered to her moist cheek he cupped her face and gently lifted her head up so that her gaze drowned in his desire. She closed her eyes the moment his lips smooched her jawline and caressed its way up her damp cheeks.
Ram: (he hovered every inch of her face, teasingly whispering against it) these tears that you cried for me, tells me how much you hate me.
Starting from the tip of her chin with a firm kiss, he nuzzled down the front of her neck ending his journey with a kiss in between her cleavage before he worked his way back up to her lips.
Ram:  (hovering over her parted lips, he felt her breathing hard against his thirsty lips as he whispered) your heart skipped several beats thinking that I was in pain, it tells me how much you hate me (He moved closer to her lips, simply teasing her senses but before he could say anything more, she hid herself in his embrace.)
Priya: I love you Ram I love you soo much (She felt a gentle pressure against her back as his arms wrapped around her)
Ram:  I love you too Priya
Ram and Priya stood lost in each other for quite some time. It had been 7 long torturous months since they had held each other so closely. And although their souls were one throughout the separation, their bodies craved for intimacy, which was a neglected part of their relationship. Finally, Ram loosened his grip on her, ending the hug but holding on to her hands.
Ram: Priya, Aaj mein bahut Khush hoon Jee karta hain ki main kuch karoo for you
Priya:  (chuckled and asked) Kya? Youre crazy Ram
Ram: Haan I am crazy but this is all because of you If being crazy is this much fun and feels so good, then I never want to be sane again ab choro yeh saab, I want to do something for you and I have just the plan (He held her hand and began walking hastily towards the door, dragging her along with him)
Priya: Ram!! Where are you taking me?
Ram: No questions chup chap chalo mera saath
The suspense was revealed as Ram entered the kitchen, still holding on to Priyas hand. He pulled out a chair and asked her to sit.
Priya: Ram what are we doing here?
Ram: I am going to make pakoras (he winks at her, putting on an apron)
Priya: WHAT? Its 11pm Ram
Ram: So is there a rule that forbids the indulgence of Pakoras after a certain time
Priya: No but (He interrupts her)
Ram: Exactly No, buts”… Besides I am doing all the work you just have to sit and look pretty for me.
Priya: Acha So thats my only purpose here?
Ram: Of course (He begins chopping potatoes into thin slices) You dont even have to try, you are already so Ouch!!
Ram dropped the knife and quickly grasped his index finger as blood oozed out of the small yet deep cut in his skin Priya grabbed a towel and asked Ram to hold it firmly against the wound, while she quickly brought the first aid kit from the other room. After tending to his wound, Ram was forced to sit down on the chair while Priya took charge and made the Pakoras. Although, at first he was disheartened, he eventually cheered up being blessed with a bedazzling sight in front of him. She looked up after she had finished making pakoras and two cups of steaming hot coffe, but to her surprise, Ram was no longer sitting in the chair in front of her Scratching her temple, she began to wonder where he might have gone and than she felt him behind her
He interlocked his fingers resting his hands on her abdomen pulling her closer against his body.  She had ignited a desire in his heart that hijacked his senses as he slid his hands slowly down below her abdomen, caressing her with his eager fingers. Involunatarily all the muscles in her body clenched and released simultaneously. Unable to handle the sensation any longer, she held on to his hands and moaned, RamWhat are you doing? He gripped her hands, wrapping his arms tightly around her as he moved even closer to her sqeezing her against himself. Kissing along the length of her shoulders he ventured up her neck and nibbled her earlobe making her tighten her grip on his hands, unable to move away He whispered, Nothingthat I am not supposed to be doing. Turning her around slowly, he guided her against the counter with his body and placed his palms flat on the marble surface, not allowing her any escape. Moving close to her lips he aimed to quench his thirst but she remained shy and shifted her face to the side slightly. His puckered lips crashed sensuously skimming every inch of her exposed neck This was the final straw, the kiss to end all her protests. She firmly held onto his kurta with one hand while her other hand ran through his thick hair, fingers first. Once more he moved up to her lips knowing very well that she was thoroughly seduced. Their lips were just inches apart, he licked his lips, swallowed hard and was about to seal the gap when they heard, WAAAAAH WAAAAH WAAAAH. One minute he was trying to catch her lips in between his and the next minute he was trying to catch his balance, nearly colliding with the counter as she unexpectedely pushed his arm off of it and escaped.
Ram: (getting a grip on himself he saw Priya walking out of the kitchen) Priya (She stopped and turned to look at him) Where are you going?
Priya: (She looked towards the exit and than back at him) Ram, Raj is crying
Ram: (flabbergasted) Priya Raj ke paas unka mom aur dad hain (She heard Raj cry again and was about to turn to leave but Ram objected cunningly) Okay wait, you can go but first I want to do something. (With her eyebrow raised, she looked at him with a Kya? expression on her face. He quickly ran to the cupboard pulling out a tray. Looking up to check if she was still there, he quickly placed the two cups of coffee and pakoras on the tray and walked towards her. She did not know what to expect, her confusion was his biggest strength. Within minutes he had latched on to her hand tightly.) I am not just going to let you leave like that. Chalo mera saath, dekho (he pointed to the tray with his eyes) I have the tray in my one hand and if you try to resist than the hot coffee will fall on my hand and burn me (His point was accurate and as if he could foretell the future he knew it would work. He began to walk with her hand in his strong hold and she helplessly followed)
Priya: (restlessly) Ram please Apeksha might need my help  Ram? (He did not say a single word; he simply looked back at her and smiled before he continued to walk forward)
Ram had converted the terrace into an open concept balcony shielded by a glass roof that rested elegantly upon four white pillars, two on either side. He let go of her hand as she walked close to the railings of the balcony catching the raindrops on her hand all the while admiring the mesmerizing beauty surrounding her. Placing the tray down on the white round glass table, he walked up behind her wrapping his arm around her waist and resting his head on her shoulder.
Ram: Do you like it?
Priya: I love it When did you do this?
Ram: the last 7 months this is all I have been doing I knew you would love this And look Priya its perfect (he walked beside her, sticking his hand out to catch the raindrops as well) Now whenever it rains, you can come out here and fully embrace this love of yours. (She looked at him appreciatively. He smiled at her before he looked ahead at the pouring rain) Priya, remember that time we stood on your balcony and admired the rain. Before we knew that we would end up together? (She nodded in agreement) You said that those who know how to love, find a way to love everything in this world, including this rain I never understood this and in 5 years that you were away from me I always tried to understand why anybody would love rain Than it hit me These raindrops are like the greatest lovers in the world, they are born to sacrifice themselves for whom they love. They are born only to fall from the sky and instantly hit the ground, shatter and die. We take for granted all the things that rain provides us with. It provides us the greatest lakes from which we get our drinking water. It acts as hope for nations suffering from drooughts. It feeds the earth making the soil ripe for subsistence agriculture that the world thrives off of. And in return it doesnt ask for anything it will keep sacrificing its existence so long as the world is happy.
Ram youre right but I somewhat disagree
Ram and Priya turn around to see Rajat standing behind by the enterance of the balcony. He walked towards them holding a book in his hand.
Rajat: Youre right rain is much like great lovers sacrificing themselves for the happiness of others. Destiny is gods board game, therefore everything always happens for a reason. And if you ask me those who are destined to sacrifice for others are luckier than those who dont. The person who leaves his love for his/her happiness can be more blessed than the person who stays with the person he/she loves for the rest of his/her life. You know why? Because quantity never surpasses quality in life. Some people live long lives but they never actually live while they are alive. Romeo and Juliet, perhaps the greatest lovers in history, were closer to experiencing love in the short time that they spent with each other, than a happily married couple of 40 years. Thus, although these raindrops have a short life expectancy, they see more than we can only imagine. For example, the same raindrops that shattered and died, were re-born as raindrops that fell into the river which Shri Ram crossed to get to Sita Mata And these the raindrops that are pouring down tonight are catching a glimpse of true love, which is a rare sight in this day and age. Now those raindrops may never be able to recite this feeling that exist between you two, but being somewhat of an average writer I couldnt pass this by without inscribing it in these pages. (He handed Ram a book)
Ram: (looked at the title, than at Priya who was equally confused. He pronounced it out loud) Raya?
Rajat: (smiling) Haan woh kya hain na you two are two bodies, one soul so why not combine your names into one. Ra se Ram and Ya se Priya Bangay RayaRaya ke Kahani
Priya: this book is about us? Cmon were not that interesting that someone will read about us
Ram: uhh Priya speak for yourself. I dont know about you but I am very interesting.
Rajat: (smiles as Ram quickly apologizes seeing Priya look at him seriously) I just had to share this story with the world, because the way in which you two love is truly unique and honesly it has changed my perspective on love and life completely I was actually going to gift this to you guys on your anniversary but it arrived early and tonight is a perfect night for you two so make it sweeter by the way the release date for this book is on same day as your anniversary, you guys are the first ones to read this book, and why shouldnt you be Afterall it is about you two
Ram: Thanks yaar (Priya and Ram hugged Rajat)
Rajat: This is nothing compared to what you have done for me your way of life, changed my life forever. Anyways, I have to get back downstairs.
Turning to leave, his eyes fell on the tray on the table
Rajat: (rushed to the table) Pakora??? I knew I smelled pakora.
He grabbed the tray
Rajat: you guys are AWESOME Apeksha was craving pakora and these two cups of coffee is perfect right now. Waise bhi Raj wont be letting us sleep tonight.
Ram leaps forward to stop Rajat but Priya holds him back
Priya: yeah sure Rajat, you and Apeksha can enjoy that And whats the matter with Raj, is he feeling okay, I have been hearing him cry for quite sometime.
Rajat: I dont know Priya he just wont stop crying. Apeksha and I are fresh out of ideas. Can you help us? Apne Pihu ko itni aacha se raise kiya woh bhi all by yourself Please help us yaar
Priya: Arey of course Rajat. You and Apeksha enjoy the pakora and coffee. Me and Ram (she looks at him.., he is staring at her shocked) will put Raj to sleep Hain na Ram?
Ram: (says irritatingly) Haan!! Why not?? Chalo (Priya smiles to herself as Ram stomps back into the mansion, following Rajat to his room)
Priya had granted Apeksha and Rajat some time to relax. Although Apeksha had a motherly glow to her face, there was no hiding her baggy eyes. Priya insisted that she take Raj with her tonight so that Apeksha and Rajat could relax, but due to the fact that Apeksha might have to breastfeed early in the morning that idea was regrettably turned down. However, Priya being the eager beaver that she was, proposed that she would take Raj into Kushs old baby room and put him to sleep. Once he had fallen asleep she would bring him back into their room and place him in his crib. In the meantime, Rajat and Apeksha could chill out, have some coffee, eat some pakora and watch some TV. Ram stood helplessly in all of this decision-making. Although he ran a tight ship in his company, at home his wife pretty much ruled everything. He gladly handed over all the control to her but in this moment, he couldn't help but think, Why is she insisting on putting Raj to sleep? I want to spend time with her, talk to her, love her and here she is trying to be Mother Teresa Chal Ram tu bhi chal uski peechay. They went into Kushs old room and tried to pat Raj to sleep but he stubbornly stared at Ram and Priya, refusing to close his eyes for even a second. Suddenly, he got really cranky and began to cry Priya picked him up in her arms and rocked him gently trying to calm him down. She felt his diaper was rather heavy and thought that perhaps he needed to be changed so she handed the baby to Ram who hesitantly took him in his arms while she ran to Apekshas room to get a clean diaper for him. Surprisingly Raj stopped crying and watched as Ram talked to him
Ram: Arey mera baap stop crying yaar Dekho you are a strong boy arent you? Strong boys dont cry. (Priya came into the room and was about to say something but stopped at the door and listened to Ram, thinking in her head, what a strange sight. One baby is manofying the other and strangely its working.) Haan yeh hue na baat you are a very strong boy, bilkul apna Mama pe gaya hain aap Youre not a cry baby like your Mami (Priya thinking: Haww he's calling me a cry baby. first he makes me cry than he calls me a cry baby...) Waise mera chota Bhanja tu toh bahut smart nikla Apka chilanay se apka Mami came running to calm you down Aur mera kya yaar? I have been trying to kiss her for so long now and still she keeps running away. (priya's palms covered her lips, which were parted in shock, as she thought, Yeh Ram bhi na Yeh saab Raj ke saath share kar raha hain") Give me some tips yaar Me and you, were both cute another thing which you take after me (Raj looked curiously at Ram) Okay fine I admit, youre cuter than me, but mein itna bura nahi hoon that she has to always run away (He tousled his hair with his hand in frustration forcing a faint smile to shape up on Rajs tiny lips) you are smiling at me, yaar? I am so frustrated and you are smiling? Waise this is all your fault, if you werent so damn cute than meri biwi mujhe chooma dete apko nahi But dont worry bhanja-ji when you grow older and have lots of girlfriends than mein banuga kaabab mein haddi (the baby kicked his legs excitedly almost as if he was protesting to what Ram was saying.) Kya hua? You dont like that idea? Okay fine, I will make you a deal if you go to sleep in the next five minutes and return my biwi to me than I will forget that this ever happened. Deal? (Raj grabbed onto Rams index finger that tickled his tiny palms and Ram shook it slightly mimicking a handshake) Okay, Done!!! So your time starts now
To both his and Priya's surprise Raj fell asleep in Ram's gently rocking arms. Placing a soft kiss that touched the entire surface of his petite forehead, Ram got up off the bed and turned to walk towards the door when his eyes fell upon Priya. She made no effort to hide her tears because these tears were proudly applauding her husbands versatile caring nature.
Priya: Ram...
Her words halted at the exit of her lips seeing his desperate expression, pleading her to not say anything; his eyes signaling towards the sleeping bundle of joy wrapped in his arms as the sole reason for his humble request. Respecting his demand, she walked towards him and kissed Raj's forehead before she hauled herself up on the tip of her toes arousing Ram with a kiss on the corner of his lips. Together they walked into Rajat and Apeksha's room and Ram rested Raj in his crib while Priya tucked him in. Whispering good night to a tired and impressed Apeksha and Rajat, the two soulmates headed up to their room. Priya grazed her hand on his initiating contact and receiving her intent he sealed the deal by intertwining his fingers in between hers as they continued to walk towards their kingdom.
Ram locked the room door with one hand while still holding her with the other. He began to walk up to her slowly while tugging her hand at the same time and asking her through his actions to meet him halfway. Standing so close to each other, hand in hand they wandered deep into each others eyes trying to reach the desire and longing hidden at the core of their pupil.
Ram: Priya can i ask you something?
Priya: jee?
Ram: (moves even more closer) What did you do in the room when I was holding Raj in my arms?
Priya: (shyly averts his gaze by looking everywhere but his face) Woh Ummm I didn't do anything...
Ram: Priya (he said sternly) Tell me na?
Priya: kya Ram? All I did was give you a kiss thats all. No big deal
He hooks her chin with his index finger gently nudging her head up, forcing her to confront her shyness and look him in the eyes With his other hand he caresses her cheeks before he runs his thumb across her soft lips
Ram: (seductively) actually it is a big deal, my wife has forgotten how we kiss in the 7 months that she was away from me Koi baat nahi I will gladly train you
Shifting his hands on either side of her face he held it firmly and steadily in place while he leaned forward fusing his lips with hers.  Moving his head from side to side, he directed the kiss taking full control of her emotions and teasing it with his gentle tugs on her moist lips Releasing her lips from his captivity he hovered over her mouth allowing their heavy breathing to mingle furiously and brew a storm in the gap that remained like a border between their touch.
Ram: My darling wife, next time you quench my thirst for your lips, do it with the same hesitation like its out first time but make sure that its passionate, like it could be our last.
His words, his touch, his lips were as dangerous as tectonic movements, triggering a tsunami inside her stomach that flooded her inner walls, which leaked to relieve some pressure. Her fingers surveyed every corner of his body searching for a break from the sweet torture he had whirled her senses in. Nervousness overshadowed her heart that knew very well that this was just an aspect of his love, the steepest fall on his orgasmic roller-coaster was yet to come and she was already feeling weak. The sudden knock on the door eased her nervousness, a favour that she appreciated and regretted at the same time. A huge part of her wanted to wander the path of desire and longing with him. He fulfilled that part of her fantasy by continuing to kiss every inch of her trembling body
Pihu: Papa!! Open the door please
Kush:  mumma we cant sleep...
She tried to notify him of the knock on the door but all she managed to say was his name before his lips engulfed hers again.
Kush: mumma we cant sleep. Please open the door...
Pushing him back was harder than she thought. But somehow, with him lost in her lips, she quickly pushed him off and ran to the change room, yelling back Ram open the door I have to change. He smiled and shook his head in disappointment with the fact that he couldnt catch hold of her hand in time. But all was not lost and the night was still young
A solid ten minutes had passed by when Priya finally came out of the change room with complete control over her senses. Pihu, Kush what happened she yelled out to them as she walked out. Ram startled her by appearing out of nowhere and pinning her to the wall next to the change room. Within minutes his lips enveloped hers and once more, her overactive emotions flowed out of her. Dammit she thought, I had just changed and now... He backed off her lips slowly but it was of no use now that the damage was done, her body had responded and her craving for him had increased substantially. 
Priya: (trying to catch her breath) Ram where is Pihu and Kush?
Without saying a word and still pinning her to the wall, he simply moved his body aside giving her a complete view of the bed where their two little angels slept alongside Happy, Golu bear and Tiger. 
Priya: (angrily) Ram This is very bad you always let Pihu and Kush sleep with their stuffed animals, (she freed his grip on her wrist and walked towards the bed standing with her arms crossed across her chest) And when I tell them they cant than I am the bad guy because you always spoil them Now where will we sleep?
Ram: (he nonchalantly walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist) I did this on purpose.
Priya: (turned around and looked at him sharply) Kya?
Ram: (placed his finger on her lips) shh the kids will wake up Ill explain See Priya,  if there was enough room on the bed than you would insist on sleeping with them. You would sleep next to Kush and I would sleep next to Pihu Yeh dooriyan mujhe paasaand nahi hain, especially tonight the first night we spend together in this room after 7 months
Priya: Okay genius But can you tell me where exactly we will sleep now? On the floor?
A naughty grin shaped his lips as he bent forward and lifted her in his arms. Unsure of his intentions and aware of the fact that the kids were in the room, she wrapped her arms around his neck for support and asked
Priya: Ram? What are you doing? The kids? (he simply stared at her and continued to walk) Ram?
Ram: Didnt you want to know where we are sleeping tonight?
Priya: Haan Ram But yeh saab? Pihu and Kush are here. (she blushed)
Ram placed her on the sofa as gently as he could remaining fixed on her arousing features as he counted his blessings for such a beautiful night spent in the company of those he loves the most. He crawled on top of her intending to get to the other side of the sofa, closest to the wall but her nervousness struck a mischievous chord in his mind. Inching closer and closer to her face, he watched her breathing increase as she shut her eyes tightly expecting the escalation of his flirtation in the naughtiest of ways. To her surprise and slight disappointment she felt Ram's nose teasingly caress either side of her nose once before he halted over her lips and whispered, "Good Night, my darling wife".  Shifting beside her on the sofa, he felt her astonished gaze analyzing his mysterious behaviour.
Ram: Kya hua Priya (he asked lying on his side and wrapping his arm around her waist pulling her close to him)
Priya:  ummm Kuch nahi... Baas woh I wanted to say good night, so... Good night... (quickly slurring these words she turned to face her back towards Ram but he gripped her waist firmly inhibiting any movement and forcing her to look at him) Ram leave me... (she looked at Kush and Pihu sleeping on the bed and than back at Ram hoping that he would get her message)
Ram: Nope, sorry I can't do that...
Priya: Why?
Ram: First say good night properly...with a kiss...
Priya: (leaping forward, she quickly pecks his lips and than demands) There... Happy? Now leave me please... 
Ram: (gets frustrated) No... I am not happy... (removing his grip off her waist) That's not the kiss that I wanted... I get it though, you want me to leave you, than fine... I am going to bed. Waise bhi I have been wasting my time the whole evening trying to get close to you and you are not even making any effort... It's clear by your inactions that you are not interested... So... Good night... I won't be bugging you anymore.
He lay flat on his back and closed his eyes with his arms crossed snuggly across his chest... Priya witnessed his sudden mood swing unsure of what to make of it. His eyebrows were scrunched accompanying his eyes, which were shut way to tightly for someone hoping to achieve some relaxation.
Priya: Ram? (he did not budge, frozen in his irritated pose. She caressed his cheeks with her palms) Zidd maat karo Ram... Dekho Kush and Pihu are here and that's why... (with his eyes still closed, he shrugged her hand from his face before returning it back to resting across his chest) Ram... why are you acting like a child? (her question greeted by his cold front) Okay fine you want a proper good night kiss right? (he still remained adamant on his position while she got up and and rested her arm on his chest and began to caress his cheek with one hand while kissing him on his forehead, eyelids, nose and than finally his pouted lips several times. She looked up at his eyes, which were still closed despite her attempts to pacify him)
Ram: (was overjoyed by her actions, which were driven by her guilt for making him feel bad. He decided to play on that emotion a bit more, pushing her as far as possible to test her romantic capacity. With his eyes still closed, he muttered sadly) It's okay Priya, you don't have to do all this. I already know your feelings regarding this matter. So just leave it and go to sleep.
Completing his sentence he was about to turn around to face away from her in order to release the overwhelming joy planted inside of him by her sweet kisses. But before he could act out his thought, she sat on top of him straddling her legs around his groin. His eyes opened instantly at the arousal and shock set off  by her action.
Ram:  (He swallowed hard and asked nervously) Priya? Yeh saab...
Stealing a page from his book, she interrupted him mid-sentence in his style, by leaning forward and kissing him. Seeping her tongue into his mouth, she grazed his lips intimidating his senses. His tongue rose to the occasion and returned the same passion back to her. In an instant he wrapped his arms around her back to support her as he flipped her over and came on top of her. The momentum from this change in position made his groin collide in between her legs.  Continuing to kiss her, his arousal moved in a circular thrusting motion against her sensitive area uncontrollably. She moaned under her breath still fully engrossed in the heated kiss, feeling him hardening up against her body. 
Their intimate bubble was burst by the sound of snoring. They stared in the direction of the bed to identify the source, only to snap back from their oblivion into the realization that the kids were still in the room. Ram and Priya looked back at each and with a slight smile they both sighed in disappointment. He questioned her teasingly,
Ram: Priya... What have you done to me? The kids are here. I tried to stop you  but you just kept assaulting me...
Priya: (pushing him to the side, she sat up and faced him while he laid flat on his back) What? Now this is my fault? Weren't you the one who needed cheering up?
Ram; (acting shocked) Haaww Priya!! A simple sorry would have sufficed (he covered himself with the blanket, shyly) you didn't have to take attack me like that...
Priya: (blushes in shock) Excuse me? You are acting like I tried to rape you or something... Let me remind you, just a moment ago, it was you who was on top of me...
Ram: I had no choice, you drugged me with your love... I did not know what i was doing. You had me under your spell...
Priya:  Really? Fine! If you did not want any of this than I am going. I am sorry and good night... (her anger was a facade concealing her disappointment and desire to be near him)
She tried to get up but his gentle tug on her hand forced her to lay down in his stretched out arm on the couch... Cuddling her closer to his body he turned to his side and wrapped his leg around her waist, eliminating any chance for her to protest if that thought dared to occur  in her irritated mind. He spoke against her lips, their faces a hair strand away from contact.
Ram: Baap re Baap your anger is just chilling on the tip of your nose...
Priya: Oh you're one to talk... You were angry because I did not give you a good night kiss that lived up to your standards.
Ram: Well, that's only because you have set the bar for good night kisses so high that if you don't live up to it than I feel like I am being ripped off and not loved to the extent that your love exists.
Priya: Oh really?
Ram: Haan really!! (he playfully rubbed his nose against hers) Tomorrow night I will return your favour with a bonus (he winked at her, she blushed and looked away) Darling tomorrow night, you are ALL mine, so save all your love for me...
Priya: You said it wrong Ram... (he looked confused) Not only tomorrow night but every night and day for the rest of my life I am only yours. And my love is an inseparable component of my character so woh bhi apka naam,  haaq ke isaab se hain na? (he kissed her lovingly on her forehead)
Ram: Bilkul sahi kaha... Iss haaq ko mein aache tareekai se, sambhal kar rakengai mera dil mein...
Priya: (touched by his words she cuddled closer to him) Ram... I love you!
Ram:  I love you too...
The next morning Priya sat on the single sofa chair in their room reading "Kismat Ka Khel", the book that Rajat had wrote about her and Ram. It was a difficult task in this noisy atmosphere filled with snoring from either side of her but she did not want to have it any other way. Being in the presence of Ram and their kids and reading about their love in this setting was the most blessed opportunity for her and she would have been a fool to let it pass her by. Lost in the melodious words that adorned the pages, each sentence structure appealed to her fascinated eyes and struck every chord in her heart in the process. With much difficulty, her eyes ripped off the page to stare at the Pihu and Kush. They were sitting up in bed rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and calling out for her. She closed the book, resting it on the coffee table in front of her before she joined Pihu and Kush in bed.
Priya: Good morning my angels.
Pihu & Kush: Good morning Mumma... (they hugged her and than sat in front of her)
Pihu: (noticing Ram sleeping on the couch she asked) Mumma why is Papa sleeping on the couch?
Priya: (looked at Ram who was laying on the couch facing them with his eyes closed, appearing to be fast asleep. Priya looked back at Kush and Pihu and pointed to the stuffed animals on the bed) Where would Mumma and Papa sleep? There is no room on the bed. Pihu I have told you so many times not to sleep with stuffed animals on the bed but you never listen...
Kush: (in Pihu's defense) But Mumma, Papa said it was okay. Isme Pihu ke fault nahi hain...
Pihu: Yes Mumma... it's true...sorry!! Don't worry, tonight when I come to sleep here than I won't bring my stuffed animals... Promise...
Priya: (thinking, "Kuch toh karna parega... Aaj ke raat Ram aur Mein ek saath ek bun kar bitana chaatai hain. Ram is not going to be happy, waise bhi he get's angry at every little thing.") Pihu, Kush why not sleep in your room tonight... Is there something wrong in your room?
Kush: Nahi Mumma... Woh Raj keeps crying at night...
Pihu: yea Mumma and than it is hard for us to sleep... And than laying awake in the dark is scary.
Priya:  Baas itni se baat? (they nodded their heads up and down in unison) Acha Mumma has the perfect solution... I will tell Papa to buy you both a nice night light today, that way tonight when you sleep in your room, you don't have to lay awake and stare into the dark...  Pihu, Kush... you two are big now right? (they nodded in agreement) And you still get scared right? (once more they agreed) So Raj is just a small baby, he is only crying because he is also scared... You two have to show him that there is nothing to be afraid of by setting a good example for him and sleeping like a big boy and girl in your room... Okay?
Pihu & Kush: (proudly) Okay Mumma...
Priya: Now that's like my good boy (she kissed Kush on his forehead) and good girl (she kissed Pihu on her forehead)... Now... who wants breakfast?
Pihu & Kush: Me....Me....
Priya: Excellent!! But first go wake your papa up...
They rushed to the couch and jumped on Ram who was listening to the entire conversation between the three of them all the while pretending to be asleep. Ram woke up and playfully tickled  Pihu and Kush... Priya tidied the bed and watched Ram turn into a child with their two angels. Finally Kush and Pihu freed themselves from Ram and ran towards the door to leave the room. Ram chased them slowly, making them run faster with the fear of being caught and tickled again.
Priya: Arey, Pihu, Kush sambhal ke... You might fall and hurt yourself... (they stormed out of the room regardless of her warning)
Priya watched as Ram locked the door once they exited and turned around with a naughty grin on his face as he walked coyly towards her and pulled her into his tight, warm embrace...
Ram: Good morning my darling...
Priya: Good morning Ram... Jao Jaldi se ready ho jaiye office ke liye...
Ram: (continued to hug her) Let me stay like this the whole day Priya, I don't want to go anywhere...
Priya: Ram please, everyone must be waiting for us at the breakfast table. What will they think? (he holds her tighter)
Ram: I think we both know what they will be thinking... and there is nothing wrong with that...
Priya: (blushing) Ram... look at the time... you will be late for work...
Ram: I am the boss, I set my own time for when I should go to work... Besides, I have booked a day off for myself today.
Priya: (startled... she tries to break free from his embrace but he just holds her more tightly against his chest) Kya?? Ram this is not good... your employees need you...
Ram: (pulls back from his embrace to look her in the eyes, he has his arms wrapped around her waist still) I spent my whole life worrying about and fulfilling other peoples' needs now I couldn't careless. Mein ab bahut selfish bun gaya... I only care about my needs and I need to be here with my family... I can't waste anymore time being away from the people that I love the most... (he kissed her forehead) Waise I have to go out for some other important work today...
Priya: What important work is this?
Ram: (pulls her waist closer to him) I have to buy a night light for Kush and Pihu so that my night with my wife can be bright tonight...
Priya: (blushing) Ram you were awake? (his naughty grin and silence combined to provide her with the answer to her question. She looked at him in shock and tried to push him off of her gently) Baas ab bahut hogaya... Go and freshen up, i am going to check up on Pihu and Kush...
Ram: (He kissed her cheeks before he let go of her) Okay, I am leaving you now but tonight no matter what happens I will not stop until I am fully satisfied... (she blushed profusely, watching Ram fade into the change room)
Fixing her saree and hair in the mirror, she drifted off into her thoughts. Had somebody asked her 10 years ago where she saw herself in the future, the beautiful present that surrounded her would have never been her answer. After turning 30 she had firmly believed that a loving husband was a fiction of society that she had locked out of her dreams. However, it was almost as if this philosophy had induced reverse psychology on her destiny.  'Fore when she was certain that she wanted love in her life, destiny introduced her to a man  like Ashwin that shattered that dream into a million pieces so that it could never regroup as a thought to cross her mind. It was then that she became adamant on her belief that love from  a man could never have been a component of her life, but destiny introduced her to Ram Kapoor who achieved the impossible, knitting back together her shredded dreams about love into a strong blanket of reality.
His soothing voice yanked her out of her thoughts. She turned around and saw him standing in his three piece suit with the classic red tie, a signature of their love.
Ram: The last paragraph (he said signaling towards their book.)
Priya walked in his direction, hypnotized by the sight of his handsome attire and the smell of his intoxicating cologne. She linked her arm with his and rested her head on his shoulder as he began to read aloud.
Ram: "Love, a four letter word with such potent characteristics. Similar to many equations it too can be reduced to different forms with a consistent underlining definition. Love builds on our innate insecurities as human beings, thriving from our desire to be wanted, needed and quite simply to belong somewhere and to someone. Like a newborn baby, we lay naked in front of love trusting that it won't rape us of our emotions, it won't shed us of our innocence. Unfortunately, in an imperfect world such a perfect request is an unjust demand from reality. The anecdotal preservative of this love story, if nothing else, is to give love the benefit of the doubt. Don't jump the gun and blame love right off the bat for the sorrows associated with your heartaches. For love to succeed in any relationship it has to be given and received equally, not as an expectation but as an unselfish duty, like a mother raising her child amidst strenuous poverty. Heartaches are blessings in disguise, it's like an angel was alway standing by your side and whisked you out of uneven playing fields,  before the love turned into lust and consumed your life. No one knows this better than me. Ram and Priya are my angels, their love is a blessing I want to share with the world. I wish I could say that we all lived happily ever after but I don't believe in fairy tales. No one in this world is always happy. So striving for happiness is the recipe for disaster because if a horse and carriage is not waiting for you at the end of the road than it will spoil your entire journey... Happiness is not living in a castle far far away with a gem of a prince or princess. The true meaning of happiness is the ability to extract beauty from the most ugliest of situations, it's finding peace in the most stormiest of weathers and it's the ability to do all of that alongside the people that you love without losing faith in the basis of your relationships. In accordance to that definition of happiness it is save to say that Ram and Priya will most likely live happily ever after. Although the story might end, life goes on... And any sorrow that comes your way is only destiny's game, so play it calmly, abiding by all the rules because even if you lose you will still receive a certificate of participation and a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

He closed the book and gave her a kiss before they headed downstairs hand in hand, embarking on a path of uncertainty but equipped with the most lethal weapon, LOVE...


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