Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 4

Part 4

Pihu woke up in the hospital, Priya and Ram sleeping on either side of her. First she saw Ram and moved away from him and then she saw Priya on the other side of her. She screamed, MUMMA! in excitement. Priya woke up, she saw Pihu trying to get up and jump into Priyas arms but Priya stopped her and instead hugged her while she sat up. Saving a weak Pihu the trouble of getting up all the way.
Priya: Pihu meri baachi.
Thats all she was able to say and she started crying holding on to Pihu tightly. Priya felt Pihus body was still burning hot from the fever. Ram was also awake and saw Pihu and Priya hugging each other. Pihu broke the hug and wiped Priyas tears.
Pihu: Mumma, don't cry. I am here with you now. Please dont ever leave me again. (she hugs her again)
Priya: Never, Mumma will never leave you again. You had Mumma so scared do you know that? This is very bad Pihu if anything happened to you than Mumma would never forgive herself
She glared at Ram angrily, he looked down shocked and saddened by the events that took place while Pihu was in his care. Kush had told them everything once they started looking for Pihu. Ram called Rajat who told him that Pihu was in the hospital. What an unfit father he was. He cursed himself for letting this happen. The doctor came in the room and took Pihus temperature, all the while she was holding on to Priyas hand afraid that if she let go than her mumma will leave her again. Ram noticed this and was in a dilemma. He wanted to keep Pihu, he loved her completely but he could not bear Priya in his house after she cheated him and he could definitely not bear to see her with Rajat on a daily basis. By now everyone was in the room, but Ram and Priya were only focused on Pihu.
Priya: Doctor, how is she? Can I take her home?
Ram: What do you mean can you take her home? She is coming with me.
Priya felt Pihu grip her hand more tightly after hearing Ram say that. Priya kissed her hand reassuring her and than she burst at Ram.
Priya: you cant take care of her Ram. You took her for one week and this is her state.
Ram: she was fine until you came back. Why dont you just leave us alone. Go back to Dubai and live your happy life with your husband.
Priya: Yes I will go back to Dubai, but only with Pihu.
Ram: keep dreaming. Pihu will not go with you, you can start another family with your young, rich husband. Go and be happy. Leave us alone. I learned to live without you and pretty soon Pihu will too.
Priya was about to say something but she was interrupted by Pihu who was crying hysterically covering her ears with her hands.
Doctor: (To Ram and Priya) what are you guys doing? This baachi needs no stress at this time in order to get better. You guys will tear her apart with your fighting.
Rajat: Haan Priya! Lets be mature, Pihu needs to get better. The doctor is absolutely right, you and Ram constantly fighting will cause her to be stressed out. Whats there to fight about anyways? You and Ram have no relation anymore. You both have moved on. But Pihu is stuck somewhere in the middle of all this. For her sake, cant you two stop fighting? (he turns to ram) Ram yaar, I am so sorry for everything that has happened. But Pihu needs to be with Priya, they are inseparable. For the sake of our friendship, for the sake of your daughters well-being please let Pihu come with us. Her home is in Dubai.
Ram: no Rajat, her home is in the KM. and if you want you and your wife can stay there also but Pihu is not leaving me.
He said that and left the room. Priya sat on the hospital bed consoling Pihu who hugged Priya tightly.

Seeing Pihu hold on to you like that left me shocked. She was more afraid of losing you than she was for her life, which is why she ran away in the middle of the night to find you. That day I witnessed love for the first time, as she hugged you she grabbed your shirt into her fist, silently promising to never let go. Her desperation was so eye opening; such a small child could experience and express this feeling too. It left me feeling inadequate. But at that time, my ego surpassed any feeling of any kind and like a good business man I returned to my mission that became a whole lot simpler know that we would be moving into the KM. I had to protect Ram from you and I had to show you that love means nothing in this world, which revolves around money. Money that can buy love, supply love and deny love.

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