Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 3

Part 3

I feel so bad thinking about all this Priya but what can I do I just feel like writing today. This is a burden that I cant carry any further. I have to rid my heart of this last bit of sin, this last bit of hatred before I can fully embark on this journey of love, joining you. I insulted you a lot; I remember I used to say that you are just disgusting. But no one is more disgusting than me with my cheap thoughts. I dont know whats worse, taking advantage of your vulnerability or using Pihu and Ram to create your vulnerability. How disgusting am I that I did not even spare poor Pihu in all this. I stripped a mother from her child by instigating her father, but you created a family for me and showed me how to love Raina and Cady. And soon we will have another little member in our family and this is all thanks to you! (He stopped typing on his laptop for a second and looked at her sleeping next to him. He rubbed her belly and she stirred in her sleep. He smiled; his heart was at peace, which was a miracle. Not wanting to wake her up he stopped rubbing her belly and started typing again)
I am scared Priya! The thought of you not being in my life scares me. But I have to reveal this truth to you. I hope as a result you dont walk out of my life forever. If you do I wont stop you because like you told me, if you love someone let them go, if they come back than only you know if they were yours, or something like that. I need you in my life Priya, I understand the strength of love now all thanks to you. My first lesson of love was taught to me by no other than our dear Pihu. Even this small child knew what love was:

Rajat and Priya left the KM to go to Hotel Grand. Priya was crying all the way there. Rajat didnt really care but he was faking that he cared so he had to say something.
Rajat: Priya, relax! We will get Pihu back soon I promise (he knew this promise was false but whatever it was just words to him)
Priya didnt say anything in response, nor did she stop crying. They arrived at Hotel Grand, a silent and awkward trip.
Meanwhile in the KM everyone had gone to sleep. Ram walked in to Kush and Pihus room. Kush was fast asleep and Pihu pretended to be asleep and stopped crying once she heard someone enter her room. She felt him run his hands through her hair and kiss her gently on her forehead. Once he left the room, she began her mission. She walked over to Kushs bed and nudged him.

Pihu: kush wake up! Kush I need your help.
Kush: Pihu let me sleep I have to sleep before you do otherwise your snoring wont let me sleep the whole. Dad ne kyun apko yahaan le aya. I was sleeping so peacefully in this room all by myself.
Pihu: Dad nahi, Papa Kush! And why dont you help me, if I could do it myself than I wouldnt need your help.
Kush: why should I help you? Whats in it for me?
Pihu:  you can have your life back, your room back, your papa back and your peaceful sleep back.
Kush immediately sat up in bed, his eyes wide open ready to help.
Kush: What do I do?
Pihu explained that she needed the address for hotel grand, she was going to meet her mumma there. 
Kush: thats dangerous Pihu. You are going to go all by yourself. I am not going to do it I will get into trouble if Papa finds out.
Pihu: (points to the computer in their room) just go onto the computer and get me the address.  You are smart with computers right?
Kush: yeah I am (he said proudly) but I will not help you.
Pihu: theek hain. Suit yourself.
She stomps to her bed and lies down facing her back to Kush. Kush watched and than he also lied down trying to go back to sleep when he heard her snoring very loudly. Pihu was doing this on purpose just to bug him, her snoring got louder and louder. Finally Kush could not take it anymore. He walked to the computer, turned it on and got the address and wrote it on a paper. By now Pihu was up and had finished packing her backpack with essentials. He tried to help her pack but she said she doesnt want anyone to interfere with her packing because she has a system of doing it. Kush was like whatever, he handed her the paper and said, Wish you a good life.
Pihu: thanks!
It was raining heavily outside. Pihu snuck out and walked slowly past the gate that had a small stall in which the guard was sitting so that he does not get wet. Pihu was completely drenched within seconds of stepping outside the KM. She noticed the guard was sleeping so she easily walked out through the gate. Now she had to find a taxi or a rickshaw. She walked near a bus shelter and saw a group of girls standing there.
Pihu: excuse me.
They looked around and saw no one there so they continued with their talking.
Girl 1: yeah the movie was awesome too bad it is raining so badly.
Pihu tugged on the girls pants.
Pihu: excuse me (said it more sternly this time)
They looked down.
Pihu: I need to know which bus to take to go to hotel grand. Can you help me?
Girl 1: little girl where is your mom and dad.
Pihu: My mom is in hotel grand I need to go to her.
Girl 1: hotel grand is really far from here. do you have your moms number we can call her and she can pick you up.
Pihu: haan yes I do know her number.
The girl gave Pihu her phone and Pihu dialed Priyas dubai number but the call was not going through.
Girl 1: what happened?
Pihu: she is not answering. I am going to call Cady di.
She calls Cadys number and after a few rings Cady answers.
Cady: hello?
Pihu: Cady di, its me Pihu. I am lost, mumma and your kharoos uncle are in hotel grand. I want to go there with my mumma. I miss everyone.
Cady: what?? You are all by yourself.
Pihu: haan I am lost! I dont know which bus to take to go to hotel grand.
Cady: Pihu, listen to me! Stay put where you are. Tell me the exact address and I will tell Rajat uncle, he will come and pick you up.
Pihu asked the girl for the exact address and then told Cady. Cady hung up the phone and immediately called Rajat but there was a problem with the network. The bus that the girls were supposed to get on came and so they left and Pihu followed instructions and stayed by the bus shelter. Her legs were beginning to hurt from standing so she went to sit on a bench. The rain was pouring down on her ferociously, but her legs were hurting so she had to compromise. The bus shelter had no place for her to sit and she was not about to sit on the dirty ground. She waited and waited and waited and eventually she fell asleep.

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