Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 2

Part 2

I dropped you ridiculously in his eyes. Lies that I told him that day I am ashamed to even mention. Lets just say that my plan was successful, I wanted Ram as far away from you as possible. He deserved to know your true selfish colour and you deserved to see the true pain and suffering that is attached to the love that you boasted so proudly.

When Pihu was taken away from you I was the happiest person in the world. You loved her with all your life. And that was your biggest weakness and thats exactly where I attacked. Now with your life stripped away from you, I proceeded with the next phase in my plan, which was to take advantage of your vulnerability. Why else do you think I kept you in my life after you slapped me that day? I could have fired you immediately but no I wanted you to suffer in the name of love.  I wanted you to experience love like I had. I wanted to shake your faith from love, but instead I ended up falling in love.

I left you with no choice when it came to marriage. Acting in your interest I promised that I would get Pihu back to you. Decorating dreams in your mind of regaining Pihu in your life, I got close to you. Making an offer that would tempt you in your vulnerable situation I made you Ms. Priya Rajat Kapur. And together we ended up in Mumbai where no police officer would lay a hand on you! I told you that the Mumbai police would be all over you if you entered as Ms. Priya Sharma or Kapoor because Ram had told me that he alerted the Mumbai Police of your existence. But once again I was right, wrong in my action but right in my thinking of love. This man who loved you so much actually fought for your innocence and sent Sid to jail two years after your death. What did your belief in love do to protect you from this lie? Nothing! You believed it blindly. I felt victorious; surely his hate (made up hate) would make you realize the weakness in love. And thats why I took you to Mumbai to get Pihu to completely server the ties between Ram and Priya. But I was wrong! The more he hated you, the more you loved him. The more you loved him the more I loved you! It was so weird.

Remember when we first set foot in the KM as husband and wife? A week had passed by in creating this new identity of yours. So when we reached KM I entered first and Pihu who was sitting at the dining table refusing to eat ran to me with a certain hope in her eyes:

Pihu ran to the door where Rajat was standing, they had been forcing her to eat something but she was barely eating. Even Soumayas sweetness did not work on her, all she wanted was her mumma. They all watched her run to the door, a smile lit up on Rams face seeing Rajat, one of his best buddies
Pihu: Cady di Ka Khadruus uncle, take me to my mumma please. (she latched herself to him begging him to take her back to dubai to meet her mom)
Ram was startled by the scene, Pihu did not talk to him since he brought her to Mumbai. Their newly formed relationship that started in Dubai ended in Dubai. He felt a bit jealous at how his daughter attached to Rajat with such confidence and now she did not even believe in him.
Ram: Rajat yaar, youre here? What a surprise!
Rajat: Haan yaar, my wife was begging me to take her to Mumbai.
Ram: what?! You got married and didnt even tell me? That is very bad yaar I dont wanna talk to you!
Rajat: Sorry yaar, everything happened so fast. Do you mind if we stay here.
Ram: off course yaar, what kind of question is that? This is your house. Where is your wife?
By now all the members of the Kapoor family were surrounding the door.
Rajat:  she was right behind (he turned around and said) please come in sweet heart
Priya walked in, her heart was racing. She did not know what to expect, she did not know whether she was excited or scared. But before she could differentiate the feeling, Pihu ran to her.
Pihu: MUMMA!!! (With a big smile on her face ran to Priya and hugged her. Priya kneeled down and held her tightly in her arms, kissing her on her cheeks, head, and forehead.)
Ram: what kind of joke is this Rajat? You know about her and you still!
Rajat: sorry Ram I had to do this. I explain later but look at Priya and Pihu they cant live without one another.
Ram: dekh Rakat, for you the doors of this house are always open but (he looks at Priya who is now standing up holding on to Pihus hand) she cant stay here.
Everyone in the KM are standing looking at Priya in shock. They cant believe their eyes. Shipra and Ayesha were not the only ones who had tears streaming down their cheeks. Priya wondered what they were all thinking. Were those tears of joy or disappointment? She stared into Shipras eyes saying sorry with her eyes. Her view was disturbed when Ram came right in front of her gaze. She knew for a fact that the tears residing in his slightly red eyes were of anger. She felt a tug at her arm as Ram grabbed Pihus hand and Pihu grabbed Priyas hand tighter.
Ram: how dare you come back. Pihu is staying with me.
Priya: She is my daughter. You cant separate her from me.
Ram: she is my daughter too but that never stopped you from separating her from me. I have a court order; I am her legal guardian. To the world you are dead. Isnt that what you wanted? Freedom from this relationship so that you can move on? (he stares at Rajat and than back at Priya) Let go of her.
Ram breaks Pihus grip on Priya hand. Her hands touched hers in the process, she felt hatred in his touch. There was nothing pleasant about it. After 5 years they had touched each other and the magic was completely gone. She feared she was the sole reason for this reaction or lack of it. Pihu tried to reach Priyas hand Ram held Pihu back. Priya leaned forward to get Pihu but Rajat held her hand back and stood in front of her. She stared at him angrily thinking how dare he come in between my daughter and I. but before she could vocalize her frustrations he spoke in her defense.
Rajat: Ram this is not fair. I will not stand and watch my wife being insulted. If she cant stay here than I wont stay here either. (he  took Priyas hand and was walking towards the door. Ram burning up with jealously and anger seeing Rajat touch his Priya but his anger was more powerful than his jealously and love, he let it be.)
Priya: Mr. Kapur (Rams ears perked up hearing this name that was reserved to him) where are we going? (she looked back) Pihu?
Rajat: Priya lets go for now, I booked a room for us in Hotel Grand we will stay there instead of being insulted here.
Priya: but? (Rajat interrupted her, looking at her sternly)
Rajat: Priya! Listen to me, we have to go now. Dont worry I am with you! Do you trust me? (he winked at her, making sure no one saw. She got the message but her heart did not want to leave Pihu again. She knew Ram was getting hurt with all this but she had no choice Ram had placed her in this vulnerable position)
Ram looked away but his ears still an open source to his words. It was etching away at his heart but he held on to Pihu and his decision firmly.
Priya: (placing a stone on her heart) Haan I do!
With that they were on their way when she heard.
Ram: Kush, yahaan aao beta.
Kush: jee Papa,
(priya froze hearing this)
Ram: take your sister upstairs to your room.
Pihu shrugged her hand out of Rams hand and yelled
Pihu: I hate you!!!! I want to be with my mumma! Mumma please Mumma dont go Mumma.
Tears rushing down Priyas cheeks she just wanted to hold her in her tight embrace and never let her go. She was so close to her life but her love was in standing in her way, suffocating her. Rajat tugged on Priyas hand. They walked out of KM.

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