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Kismat Ke Khiladi Part 23

Part 23

Babe was flustered measuring the room with her anxious steps while Ram stood paralyzed with shock unsure of what to do, who to call and where to go. It angered him that Priya would take a huge risk without telling him but even if she had wanted to, tonight he stripped her of any opportunity to do so. 
"Babe why didn't you tell me? What do I do now? What if something happens...?" he ransacked her mind with questions picking unintentionally at her guilt further.
"No, no... Nothing is going to happen to her..." She tried to reassure him finding it difficult to believe herself. "C-call the police officer. Yes that's it she said she would work with him to nab Ashwin..." A ray of hope dwindled in both their troubled minds.
Ram did as instructed, rapidly scrolling through his call logs to find and dial the police officers number. After many rings the call finally connected. Without even waiting to confirm who was on the other end of the line, Ram began speaking. "Hello... This is Ram Kapoor, do you know where my wife is... Where are you?" Ram ranted impatiently...The officer interrupted, quickly squeezing in a sentence as Ram took in a much-needed breath. "Ms.Kapoor is not with me." Ram felt as if the ground was suddenly being swept from underneath his feet. Unsure of what to do he dropped lethargically on the sofa where his Priya used to sleep. The silence, although worrisome was an opportunity for the officer to explain himself. "Mr. Kapoor, Mrs. Kapoor said that she would help us find Ashwin but nothing of that sort was planned for tonight. Mr. Kapoor? Mr. Kapoor? 
"Ram..." Babe rushed towards Ram sitting next to him on the sofa and nudging him to say something. "What happened Ram? Where is Priya? Ram?" He gripped his phone and got up to do the only logical thing that he could think of. He was going to find her, he didn't know how or where but he was determined to find her. In an unkempt fashion he tunneled his way out of the mansion that was feeling more and more like captivity with each excruciating second that passed. Ignoring the calls out to him from his family and friends he got into his white land rover that was parked closest to the gate and sped through it, whirling dust on the initial take off. The stars flossed the neutral sky beaming brightly on a search of their own for their admirer. With not even a speck of a clue Ram passed miles of roads and intersections leading to and from Shruti's apartment. Parking the car on the side of an unknown road next to a line of vendors Ram got out of his car slamming the door shut before running his hand through his slickly gelled hair. In doing so, he rested his elbow on the roof of his car with his palms barely able to maintain its grip of his perspiring forehead. Stranded in a helpless predicament he shut his eyes to the world making his ear work in overdrive picking up the details of the surrounding sound as a defense mechanism to compensate for the neglected sight. Ram heard the chatter of friends on a night out, the ruffle of notes as it was passed in transaction. He heard cars zoom smoothly past him on intervals with the exception of one vehicle that made a jerky halt near him. 
"Good drop me off here. I will take another rickshaw. Your meter is working on the double." An annoyed lady's voice made its presence known.
"M'aam for 15km this is the right price..." A man immediately took a stance in an unconvincingly shaky voice.
"Yeah right!! I wasn't born yesterday... I know people like you all too well." 
At first Ram ignored the voices; in fact he was quite irritated by the bickering over fare, unable to relate. But than when he keyed into the conversation focusing on the voice of the woman who was the mastermind behind the drama, a light bulb went on in his head that flooded his heart with a breeze of relief. "Priya..." He mouthed propping himself upright of his car and turning to the direction of the commotion. Her back was turned to him and he took small steps towards her but in his heart he knew it was his Priya. This moment was like the dying seconds of a closely led match. Every muscle in his body sat on edge waiting to see her face before they could relax. He stopped an inch behind her with his heart beating in his chest and radiating to his throat while she continued to bargain oblivious of his presence. "Priya?" Ram managed to ask, taking a risk and pushing past the nervousness of being wrong. 
"Ek minute Ram..." So caught up in the moment she brushed him aside without even looking. "Haan... Like I was saying I will only pay you half of what I owe. Take it or..." Saying this she paused as the wave of realization finally splashed over her. "Ram?" She thought and than quickly turned around. Sure enough the man of her dreams stood in front of her dressed in the same attire that he wore at the engagement party. Only his suit was messy, polluted with wrinkles and his hair looked a little scuffled. She was about to ask him for the reason behind his wreck-like state and teary eyes, which bothered her, the most. But before she could say a word he had her smothered in his embrace so tightly as if they were long lost lovers meeting for the first time in another lifetime. His hands roamed frantically on a mission to touch the entire surface of her back. Following suit, Priya's fingers crawled up his shoulders and through his hair, massaging his scalp. She couldn't help but soothe him, feeling his body shiver and want against her. So she nuzzled his ear with her lips whispering, "Baby what's wrong? Is everything okay?" All she heard in response was him sniffle and than she felt him detach himself from her body holding on to her hand and staring angrily at her. Before she was caught in his infuriated storm, the rickshaw driver interrupted, "can I have my money so I can go..." 
They both looked at the driver. Letting go of her hands Ram reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. "How much?" The driver stated his inflated price but Priya objected. "Ram, see this guy is charging so much." She complained hoping that he would spit out his anger and forget that it ever existed. Ram simply took out a couple of notes from his wallet and handed it to the driver saying, "keep the change..." 
Happily the driver drove away as fast as the little engine on his rickshaw could take him before Priya took a stab at his jackpot. 
"Ek minute..." She yelled out to the driver but it was too late. "Ram what the heck? That's triple what he was asking." 
"Shut up Priya. Just who the hell do you think you are?" He stated loud enough for bystanders and vender owners to hear even if they intended to mind their own business. Ram followed Priya's shocked gaze glancing around at the nosy onlookers annoyed with their silent intrusion. He yanked Priya's hand and practically dragged her to the passenger's seat of his car guiding her to sit before he began driving to a more private location. 
"Have you lost your mind Priya?" Ram asked, clearly unable to contain his agitation as he drove glancing at Priya and than at the road.
"What did I do?" She answered with a question of her own, unintentionally sounding careless to his ears.
"Oh please don't act smart. Where were you going so late at night?" 
"What's it to you?" Annoyance built up inside of her as her patience was pushed to another level.  
"What's it to me?? It's everything to me!!! You were going to Ashwin to take revenge on my behalf? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?" Ram screamed at her as he pulled over to the side of the road turning his body uncomfortably so that he was facing her.
Priya sighed knowing instantly that Babe spilled the beans. But she really wasn't going to see Ashwin like Ram was assuming�"Ram I wasn..." 
"No just shut up. Ashwin called me that day in the hotel he said that he had his target set on you. He knows that if anything happens to you than it'll be like shooting me through the heart. He knows what you mean to me. Everyone does...but you... You need proof... You think that the only love I have for you starts and ends with physical intimacy. Do you have any idea what you mean to me? No... You don't have the slightest clue do you? If you did than you wouldn't have put your life in danger."
"Ram..." she tried to shine some clarity on his pile of misunderstandings. 
"And if babe didn't tell me about your plan than I would have never known. 
"Ram listen..." 
"I can't imagine my life without you...but you seem to have it all figured o..." 
Forced too take off her seatbelt, Priya leaned forward in her seat and wedged the midline of Ram's face in between her palms and kissed him slowly to bring him down off the edge of his madness. With his eyebrows contorted Ram stared indecisively into Priya's eyes. She peeled her lips off of his and caressed his face. "Why are you looking at me like that for? You kept talking and talking without giving me a chance to say anything. So I gave you a taste of your own medicine to shut you up." 
"Yeh Saab aap ne mujhe..." 
"Shush! Not a word more" He gulped, heeding her command in an attempt to gather his scattered feelings that were going haywire from the prior kiss. 
"Ram...It's true I did plan on working with the police to nab Ashwin but tonight there was no such scheme. I was going to see my friend Shruti but when I reached her apartment she wasn't home. So I called her from the pay phone and she told me to meet her at some hut close to here." 
"What's the exact address?" 
"Umm...I wrote it down." She searched through the corners of her purse, pulling out a small piece of paper. "Here it is...but why are you asking?" 
"Priya I called Shruti and Ashwin answered. He told me that you fell into his death trap and there wasn't anything that I could do about it. I was so scared and lost Priya."
"Ram I am fine. Sitting without a scratch in front of you� So he obviously lied."
"Priya he's not the only one who lied. Shruti lied to get you here." He pointed at the address as he spoke. 
"But why would Shruti do something like this. She is one of my closest friends." 
"It doesn't matter right now Priya. I couldn't care less about why she did it. So long as you are safe." Ram dialed the police commissioners number his gaze fixed on Priya as if she would run away. He notified the commissioner about the address, urging him to get to that location as soon as possible. Hanging up the phone he noticed how disturbed Priya was regarding this whole situation. 
"Priya..." She watched with her head down, as he was about to grab her hand but stopped before he did. "I am sorry that this happened to you. And I know you probably just want to go home to sleep on this issue and let it really soak in. But I can't let you out of my sight unless Ashwin is caught. The police commissioner will be at the hut with his team very soon and when I receive his call that Ashwin is arrested, I will immediately drop you home. Is that okay?" She nodded, clearly a little disheartened with his hesitation to touch her. Had things really been shattered between them beyond repair? She thought as Ram continued speaking�"Thank you so much Priya."
As they drove throw rows of forests only to greeted with miles of roads on the way back to familiar territory, Ram made a call to Babe and than Sudhir conveying the same message: "Priya is with me. She's fine... I'll drop her home in a bit." 
Ram cleared his throat and attempted to slice the tension building up between them. "Dadi is really missing you. I am not sure if it's because Babe is a big mouth or because Dadi is the world's greatest detective. But somehow word got out that you might be in danger." 
"Hmm..." Priya sounded, lost in thoughts of her awkward relationship with Ram.
"What are you thinking about?"
"You should know..."
"What? Am I supposed to read your mind.?"
 "You read in between the things that I say all the time."
"Listen I don't want to fight." Ram tried to maintain his composure but she just egged him on.
"Who said that I wanted to fight?" 
"Than why are you mad? Is it because I yelled at you back there in front of everyone? C'mon Priya I was just venting because I thought..." he gripped the steering wheel tighter, continuing to look straight ahead as he drove.
"It's not because of what you did or what you said." 
"Than?" he glanced at her briefly and than back at the road�to him she seemed confused yet determined to fight over details that he never pays attention to in the first place.
"It's because of what you didn't do?"
"If I didn't do it than it's obviously because I don't know what it is that you wanted me to do." 
"Oh please before you used to do it without me having to tell you but now? Now it's like I am something scary to you that you can't even touch me." 
"Wait a minute! You're the one who told me not to touch you." 
"Uh hello Mr.Kapoor...get your facts straight you were the one on a mission to show me that you can love me without touching me." 
"Because you said... It doesn't matter anymore... Are you trying to tell me that the "no touching ban" has been lifted?" He mimed quotation marks with his fingers while one hand remained on the steering wheel.
"No!" She said sternly, crossing her arms across her chest
"Than?" Ram asked on the peak of confusion as he pulled into the underground parking of his company.
"There was no ban to begin with..." she sighed out what seemed like the toughest, unsaid apology.
"Couldn't you have told me that without beating around the bush and harassing me?" A smile lit up on Ram's face alleviating the tension he had in his mind about resisting Priya while she was with him. He found a parking spot close to the elevator and drove to it while continuing to pester Priya. "It's very simple to apologize Priya� Here I'll teach you like you taught me before� All you had to say was I am sorry for being so mean my cute, sexy hunk of a husband. And I would have said its okay I understand that you are judgmental, over dramatic, extremely mean at time, yet sinfully sexy... She looked at him appalled but than he smartly concluded... "BUT� I wouldn't have you any other way." 
She smiled shyly and looked out the window as Ram parked the car. Getting out of the car Priya walked up to Ram, who had opened the door for her to get out. She held his hand after he shut the door and stated to him in a sincerely apologetic tone.
"I am sorry Ram! I really am sorry..." 
"No more sorry Priya. We have both had our share of mistakes...Lets just call it even and start brand new. Deal?" he asked wanting to squash bygones and move forward. She obviously wanted the same, "Deal!"
Ram hugged Priya whispering as he smothered her. "God Priya in these past few hours I thought I would never be able to hug you like this... I don't know any life now that does not consist of having you by my side. Please don't ever scare me like that again." She curled her arms around his back digging into the fabric of his suit with the pads of her finger. "Please don't ever push yourself away from me Ram. As cheesy as it may sound, your embrace and very touch is my definition of bliss." 
Ram tightened his hold making Priya lean against the car. She swallowed a lump of nervousness and watched intently as Ram stared deeply into her eyes. Her heart jumped enthusiastically celebrating what was about to happen. Licking his lips he crept close to her mouth angling his head for a perfect fit as he moved in. The pot lights of the underground parking seemed to be chuckling shyly, playing hide and seek in the shadow of two lovers. The land rover drowned in the awkwardness of being the destination for such sizzling action. Almost as an explosion of an uncontrollable arousal it's alarms began ringing just as Ram was about to erase the distance between slabs of warm and eager flesh. 
"Shit!" Ram and Priya jumped out of their mellow state. Fidgeting with his keys he tried to quickly take charge of the situation looking for the button to silence the alarm and than finally finding it. He heaved a sigh of relief and was about to carry on where he had left off but by than the security guard was at the scene waving his flashlight at the culprit and than lowering the light immediately seeing that it was his boss.
"Yeah it's me! Sorry to startle you but I guess I must have accidently hit the wrong button on the remote when I was locking the car." He explained himself�
"It's okay Sir�" the guard insisted, completely humbled by his boss' politeness.
"Good! We are going up to my office. No one is to know that we are here. Okay?" Ram ordered.
"Yes of course�" Ram excused himself and Priya starting to walk up three steps to the elevator when the guard hesitantly spoke up. "Uh�Sir�"
Ram and Priya turned around to face him, confused. "Yes what is it?"
"Actually Sir, if you don't mind. I wanted to say something to Mrs. Kapoor."
Priya looked at Ram who was just as puzzled as she was� "Yes go ahead�" Priya spoke up in desperation for a cure to her curiosity.
"Mrs. Kapoor I-I don't know if I will get this opportunity again." He positioned himself in front of Priya and humbly kissed his palms together.
"What are you doing?" Priya became anxious seeing a man who was much older than her in age folding his hands in front of her.
"I wanted to thank you for the changes that you brought forth in this company. If it weren't for you than 6 months ago I would have lost my job due to staff under sizing. I used to work up in the office but when the company laid people off, your union policy allowed us to get jobs elsewhere in the company. Thank you so much M'aam because of you and Sir my children and my wife have a house to live in and food to eat. And Sir has even started a scholarship program for employee's children to partake in for a better future. I have nothing to offer but my sincere dedication to this company. I wish you all the world's happiness M'aam."
"Uncle�" She held his folded hands and gently lowered it. "You are much older than me in age and it does not feel right for you to do all this. Besides I didn't do anything great, I only did what was right. And the fact that I was able to help you and your family is all I need. Not any thank you okay?"
"M'aam you are very nice�" Wiping his tears the guard returned back to duty leaving a weepy Priya watching him disappear to another end of the parking lot. Ram wrapped his arms around her stomach resting his head on her shoulder when he noticed that she was crying.
"Priya what is this yaar?" he turned her around to face him and wiped her tears. "Why are you crying?"
"Ram�I am just so happy." He looked weirdly at her� "why are you looking at me like that for?" 
"I will never understand women�Why must you cry if you are happy?"
"It's one of those things that you don't understand until you feel it for yourself."
He sighed loudly and shook his head, "It just blows my mind. Mrs. Kapoor shall we go?"
"Yes Mr. Kapoor�" She replied in a teasing tone.
Springing into action the elevator doors opened and Ram and Priya quickly got in, declaring freedom from the guard once the steel doors came to a sharp close. Priya noticed as Ram pressed 20 on the list of numbered options and couldn't help herself from asking, "Ram isn't your office on the 10th floor?"
"'re right."
"Than why'd you press 20?" 
Moving close to Priya, Ram brushed a strand of hair off of her face replacing it with his gentle caress. "I want to show you something that I know you will love." He smooched her forehead and whispered. "I know it may be hard for you to do but please trust me." Ram felt Priya's hands slide inside his jacket along the side of his abdomen stirring up a storm like no other. All the self-control that he thought he had seemed non-existent because now he was blindly following the trail of immense pleasure that she created. But before he could really bask in the sensations, she stopped. Withdrawing her arms she stepped back leaving him wanting and practically searching. 
"Priya what happened?" 
"Ram... I love you..."
"I know baby" he spoke out of breath
"Than why do you still feel that I don't trust you? Ram love and trust are inseparable concepts. You can't love someone unless you trust them. Trust is hard to gain but easy to shatter we all know that. But have you noticed that if you love someone that breaks your trust it is easier to rebuild it solely based on that love? And I love you Ram. So it goes without saying that I trust you... Completely...But you..." She looked up at him and was instantly annoyed. "You're smiling? Ram... I am practically pouring my heart out to you and you are smiling? Forget it... If you think that this is all a joke than forget it." To Priya's relief they reached the 20th floor at that moment. She quickly got off the elevator and began her silent speed walks to nowhere ignoring Ram's calls out to her. Gaining some control over his happiness he grabbed her by the wrist and jerked her arm forcefully so that she no longer had her back turned to him. His quick action caused her to land her free and released hand on his chest for support in case she were to fall as if he would let her. The anger and what-the-heck expression in her eyes was Ram's signal to wrap his arms around her waist to prevent her from ruining his hard work of getting her into this position.
Knowing a verbal explosion was about to ensue from her side, Ram hastily explained himself. "Baby why do you get so mad for? I was smiling while you spoke because I was so happy. So happy that I got my old Priya back in her original form. The same Priya that I fell so madly in love with was standing right in front of me. So of course a little celebration toh banta hain." He scooped his head down and kissed her left cheek rather roughly enough to make her head nudge a bit to the right. "So are you ready to see what I brought you all the way up here for?" In her heart she wanted to say no, not the least bit interested in shifting away from a comfortable position. But logically thinking she knew that nothing more could happen in an open hallway, they couldn't stand here forever no matter how badly she wanted to and so she replied, "yes..." with a slight nod of her head. Ram held her hand and walked to the end of the corridor flooded with offices and rooms with office supplies. When they reached the last door Ram smiled and said, "This is the room where I spent the majority of the past three months when you weren't with me. Despite being so far, I felt the closest to you in this room. Most days I refused to go home because it reminded me of all the lies that I spun. But this room I decorated especially for conspiracies, just love...ready?" She nodded with her eyes glistening after listening to his brief confession. Ram opened the door with a key that he kept in the change section of his wallet. "How appropriate", she thought. "At least he made use of a section that otherwise would be pointless for a rich man like him." The first door opened to a second door that required Ram to punch in a passcode. "It's the year you were born." He said, indirectly commanding her to enter it in to the rubbery numerical set in front of her. Just as she finished pounding in her year of birth the door slid open invitingly and Ram signaled Priya to step in to the dark room first, following closely behind her. The moment the door slid shut a classy light hanging in the middle of the room like a chandelier automatically sprung into action. She felt deceived by the exterior design of the room; from the looks of it alone there was no way that she could have guessed that it encased a glass kingdom. The city from the view provided by this room looked naked sitting on a blueprint that she had the utmost access too. Unable to resist she glanced up at the open sky that housed a blanket of sparkling stars appearing to rest directly above their head without any glass barrier. The floor and the surrounding entrance to the room were the only things that were opaque everything else was magically transparent. 
"Priya remember how you always used to stand by the balcony and gaze up at the stars? Well now you don't have to be constricted to the balcony, the whole room is your playground." She heard Ram's voice guiding her out of her dreamy fascination.
"Ram it's so beautiful."
"Now that you're here, it's beautiful." Their eyes locked in a romantic trance taking them to another dimension of desire. But the sky was jealous of this blissful encounter and so it spat out a venomous volt that rattled the stars as much as it did Priya. She buried her face into his chest wrapping her arms around his back inside his jacket. The sky cried out a storm watching its plan backfire but falling silently in love with the closeness of Ram and Priya.
"Priya it's okay..." He tried consoling her but she refused to listen. Truthfully she was enjoying the warmth and security that Ram's embrace facilitated because after the first jolt of lightening her fear had subsided significantly. "Kamal hain Priya. You love the rain but fear thunder and lightning. It's like loving a Ferrari but fearing excessive speeds." She slowly let go of him, standing back and watching him suck amusement out of her fear.
"Are you making fun of me?" She asked pretended to be mad.
"Only a little." He teased seeing right through her front. She smiled and hit him gently on his arm. "Meanie..." Ram chuckled and said, "Come with me!" He held on to her hand and began walking towards the bed with the green headboard resting against the glass wall.
"Lie down." He gestured and she followed his order without any arguments. Priya watched Ram walk to the other side of the bed. Lying down next to her he flashed her a smile sensing her awkwardness and than pointed up at the glass ceiling that was taking a beating from the storm.
"Priya I swear, when it's raining outside, coziness has a new meaning. And look a few stars are still boldly shining amidst this chaos. You know when I used to stay up here on these rainy days than those stars reminded me of you. No matter how bad things got you always managed to stay strong. But than..." He bit his tongue unintentionally digging up an old grave of the past.
"But than I broke down so badly that even breathing was such a difficult task. "Ram and Priya turned on their sides to face each other. "Did you know that the greatest weakness of a strong person is that they think that strength exists in and of itself? But the truth is that once strength is broken than only you realize how instrumental love is because it is love and support that reshapes strength. You are my strength Ram and it took me so long to realize it. But if it weren't for your love and persistence than maybe today I would have suffocated in my..." Ram placed his palm on her mouth and shook his head. "No Priya don't speak of such things... I will never lose you... And I pray that I die before anything..." She mimicked his earlier action and instantly felt his lips tickle her palm as it shaped up into a smile. He grabbed the hand she had placed on his lips and kissed it several times as he spoke. "I mean it baby... Ask anybody... I can't live without you..." The white pillowcase drenched in her tears leaking from the corner of her eye. Ram was just about to wipe it when he heard his phone ring in his jacket pocket. Expecting the police commissioners call he quickly pulled it out while still lying down. Ram answered the call and put it on speaker. The commissioner delivered the good news that Ashwin was arrested for attempted murder of Mr and Mrs.Kapoor and Shruti was also arrested as his accomplice. Ram noticed Priya's face dress up in a frown as soon as she heard Shruti's name being mentioned. Wrapping up the call he passed on his hearty gratifications to the commissioner and his team. Hanging up, Ram moved closer to Priya who met him halfway on the bed needing his comfort.
Ram caressed the side of Priya's face and said while choking back tears, "Priya I am sorry."
"For what?" She snuggled closer to him trying desperately to hide the heart break feeling that her best friend had just gifted.
"I am so sorry that you are always taken advantage of by the people that you trust." Ram said watching for a change in her expression.
"Ram, now it all makes sense. That night when you were attacked she was apparently unwell�And tonight she called me to an unknown location for Ashwin's sake. Thinking of what she did makes me sick. We were best friends Ram than why did she..." Priya couldn't hold back her tears any longer and Ram couldn't bear to see her waste it.
"Hey Priya please don't me my love once she realizes what you were to her she will regret it the most. I would know..." Ram tried to console Priya unable to disguise the tinge of panic in his voice.
"Ram can you hold me? I need to feel the worth of trust before I lose faith in it again." She sniffled out a request, begging for something that he had his eyes set on doing.
" baby you don't have to ask." Still laying on their sides Ram wrapped his left arm around her waist while she tugged his right arm free from underneath his head. Stretching his arm out she rested her head cozily on it, close to his neck. Ram pulled Priya closer to his lower body wrapping his left arm more securely around her waist and than bending his right arm at the elbow so his hand rested comfortably on her upper arm. Ram stroked Priya's waistline with his finger pads, feeling her breath hitch against his neck. "No more tears." He whispered titling her face up so that he could nuzzle along the wet streams on her cheeks with his lips. Unable to contain the mounting pressure under his garment Ram began gyrating his waist slowly, rubbing the lower front of his body against Priya's. She moaned bringing attention to her neglected lips. Ram kissed them passionately, adding to the commotion already fluttering in Priya's lower abdomen. As the intensity and heat picked up between them Priya found herself tugging at his clothing in a desperate attempt to have him naked. Ram felt her slide her hands up the length of his chest kneading his pectoral when she was frustrated that his shirt buttons wouldn't budge. He took a break from the kiss breathing a moan on her lips before he whispered, "what are you trying to do to me?"
"Huh?" She whimpered as she was being slowly pushed out of her fantasy against her will.
"Are you trying to undress me?" He made it easier for her to answer giving her a yes or no question. She nodded, "yes!" "Why?" He teased seeing how vulnerable she was in the midst of an arousal. But what she said in response caught him off guard; it was dangerously hot, and undesirably tempting. "So you can make love to me like it's our first and last time." She said boldly and kissed his lips that upon hearing her sentence had lost its previous vigor and enthusiasm. Ram pulled back his head forcing her to look at him through squinted eyes. "What's wrong?" He steadied her gyration by holding her waist firmly against his. She could feel the shape of his bulge through the fabric of her saree. Clearly he wanted her but why did he stop suddenly. "What's wrong?" She repeated her question.
"I promised I would take you home. Do you want to go home?"
"Not now!" She tried moving against him unsuccessfully. For a man who was full of love and passion he had such great control of his emotions.
"So than later you will?" he asked sadly.
"Maybe...But why are you asking all of a sudden?" Ram sat up brushing his fingers through his hair and replied, "Because you said to make love to you like it's the first and last time. I am just worried that after all this is over you will be gone. I don't want a one night stand with you again Priya." Ram explained with the sensitive side of him taking charge.
"Let's just assume that I were to say that I would leave after this is all over." Ram watched as Priya lay on the bed, speaking breathlessly to him. "Will you be able to resist now, after how far we've gone already?" She teased Ram in a seductive tone completely smitten with his ability to control his impulse. Truly there were many things that she did not know about him, like how sensitive a once ruthless businessman had become. 
Ram shrugged off his jacket and hesitated, exhaling before he balanced himself over her. Priya flashed a victorious smile, whispering, " I knew it." As she lifted her head up to kiss him, he backed his face out of her reach asserting himself further in between her legs and intertwining his fingers with hers. "You're underestimating me! Sure, it's hard to resist especially when you look so irresistible..." He nuzzled her face, inhaling her scent as he spoke. "But I really want this to be special, not just an uncertain fling. So if you're planning on going home tonight than I can wait until Ayesha and Sid are married. It'll be hard but you'll just have to work harder to make it up to me in the end..." he stopped his torture kissing her in the smooth ridge in between her clavicles and than setting her hands free� Dropping his weight next to her on the bed, he watched her disappointed gaze follow him... "So tell me Mrs. Kapoor are you still planning on leaving me or are we going to make tonight the beginning of many special nights?"

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